How to Order

Thyroid-S is back in stock and we don’t anticipate any further disruptions in supply.

We are diligently working on payment methods, but it has not been easy for us.  Apparently Google has paid a US$500 million settlement to the US FDA for allowing prescription drug advertising on their AdWords platform.

Google to Pay US$500 Million.

Now our products are not prescription drugs, but everyone at the payment processors is understandably a little nervous. At this time you can see our product listings on Amazon here:

Amazon Web Store: ZWebMedia

Update Dec 6, 2012 – Unfortunately Amazon has removed all our listings,they say our product “mimicks” levothyroixine.  That’s funny, I always thought it was the other way around, ie. levothyroxine mimicks our product!  It takes a bureaucrat to think of that one!

If you are an Amazon customer, please contact me with one of your previous order number for a special arrangement.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: We can send a credit card bill by email which you can pay on secure servers hosted by XCoin. Please contact us for details and provide your email address.

CASH PAYMENTS: We can accept PayPal, Western Union,  MoneyGram.

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