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Many of you have noticed that we have a NEW website!  The membership function was re-done as well. And unfortunately, PayPal has limited our account for the second time.  We have come to the conclusion that PayPal is not a viable partner for long term business success.  Since all our membership functions were powered by PayPal, they have stopped working.  This means you will not be able to register today.  We will send out an alert to the email list that you just joined when the NEW membership site is ready.  Thanks for your business!
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32 Responses to “Register”

  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you for making this product available so many people lead happy lives because of you.

    You could look at ‘Perfect money’ might suit some people.

  2. JaeSung Choi says:

    I was a regular customer of thyroid-s.
    anyway I want to order Thyroid-S Natural Desiccated Thyroid Extract, 60mg, 1000 Tablets.


  3. Holly Zimmerman says:

    How and when can we place an order? I keep clicking on your buttons and they always put me back to a comments page.

  4. Alexis Hemberg says:

    Hi Peter!
    I am running out of my Thyroid-s and I just wanna order some more! Is it possible to just order from you personally and pay with creditcard? I am running out and I need it!!
    Please help, you guys have been so great in the past and the medication really helped me!

  5. teresa says:

    i tried to order om amazon but they no longer have the thyroid meds so were do i order now.

  6. Ibrar says:

    Hi Peter, I have signed in as Jane requested…is it possible for me to buy some product off you now please? As I explained to Jane I haven’t ordered via this website before but I used to get your thyroid s from before it closed down.
    I am a thyroid patient and require 2 grains of thyroid-s a day, I was recommended by a facebook support ndt group about your product. Hope to hear from you soon. thanks

  7. Allen Ansell says:

    Thank you for your integrity and humanity.

  8. jill devendorf says:

    Thank you Peter

  9. j.gandy says:


  10. Sandra Hendrix says:

    Hi Peter, I have ordered from you before. Just wondering if thyroid-s will become available again?

  11. Kel says:

    I just went to place my 2nd order with you on Amazon and all your products were gone. I saw above a post from Oct and you said you were having inventory problems. Is that still the case? Are there other alternatives to ordering?

  12. mimi says:

    How do I access the purchase 35% of page?

  13. S Yakas says:

    Completed the first part of registration but cannot complete on the second part as I just get directed to this page?

  14. Jody Joy says:

    Hello Peter, just registered and read about the issue with Paypal. I was about to order, but I’ll wait until the issue is resolved to get the discount. It sounds like if you order direct through the member site, you are bypassing Amazon (and its commissions.) Is that correct? Will you have ordering functions through the member site at the proposed discount?

    Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

  15. kejus mom says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am writing for you from Finland. I`d like to know if you can deliver to Helsinki or to Budapest in Hungary.

    Kejus mom

  16. Janine Wilkinson says:

    Hi, I signed up for email and clicked the link to get to this page to sign up and get my user ID for discount ? But cannot see a sign up option. Received further email to say if I wasn’t directed to sign up to click link , which I did , but it brought me back to here. How do I get to sign up please ?

  17. Gail Bremner says:

    I got my confirmation email, confirmed it and it said to come to this page to register to get the 35% discount…..I don’t see anywhere to register or login. Where do I go from here?

    • juju says:

      Me too. I confirmed my email but I don’t see where you register to get the 35% discount.

      • Peter G. says:

        Sadly, the whole membership area and discount ordering was powered by PayPal, and PayPal disabled our account for unspecified reasons. We are still waiting to get the frozen funds released. The discount was applied to tablet cost, sorry we cannot discount shipping costs because shipping costs are actual out of pocket expenses. Effective discount was approximately 20%. We could offer this discount because by using PayPal we are saving the Amazon commissions. We still intend to revive this, so thanks for signing up, we are looking for a cost effective payment processor who wants our business. Peter G.

      • Peter G. says:

        Please see my response to another post on the same issue of membership and discounts. Peter G.

  18. ravi says:

    Thanks for the products.
    Dr Broda Barnes, md, phd –now deceased–spent over thirty years studying thyroid; wrote an excellent book; concluded–forget blood test, and use basal temperature (under the arm temp first thing in am while still in bed) to diagnose and then monitor dose level of dessic. thyroid;————–there is a broda barnes foundation in the u.s. made up of doctors who follow his recommendations————he is The expert on thyroid and everyone should read his well writte book and read about him on the web.

  19. Deb Lea says:

    You guys are great thanks

  20. chele steelsmith says:

    Hi, I registered, but have not received a confirmation email (yes, I also checked my spam folder). My correct name and email addy is showing here on the “Leave a Reply” section of the Register page. Do I need to do re-register? Thanks.

  21. Mary-Lynne De Luca says:

    Greetings!! Just confirming now that i have signed up i will wait for your newsletter to Order product straight away. Thank You!!

  22. William says:

    When will the new membership area of your website be up and running?

  23. Dr. Leon says:


  24. susan says:

    can I order now if registration not available yet?

    • Peter G. says:

      Yes you can order from Amazon, please click on the “Order” tab along the top of our site. – Peter G.

  25. Abbie Bedwell says:


  26. Avril Richards says:

    Thank You

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