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We ship all orders by First Class Registered Letter Mail in an airmail letter envelope.  We include US Customs Declaration inside the envelope in case it is opened for Customs inspection. We always take a photo of the shipment at the Post Office after affix Register Letter Barcode tracking number and postage.  We will send you the photo and tracking number so you can track the shipment yourself.

After we ship, we will send you a photo of your shipment.  You can then track the shipment on the Thai Postal Service tracking site UNTIL the parcel leaves Thailand.  The crucial point to understand about tracking your package is that you must track it on TWO different websites: first, you must track it as it leaves Thailand on the THAI tracking site, and second, when it reaches your country you must track it on the tracking site for your country. During the transit time between Thailand and your country, very sorry the parcel cannot be tracked. The final update on the Thai tracking site will be “Outgoing International”. This is telling you that the parcel was loaded into a container and delivered to the airmail carrier for export out of Thailand. After that, there will be no further updates on the Thai tracking site, and the package cannot be tracked further on the Thai tracking site.

The link for Thai Postal Service tracking is:

Enter the tracking number and it will show tracking status.  The ability for the Thai Postal Service to track your parcel ENDS when the shipment is exported from Thailand.  You must then wait for the parcel to arrive at your country and be scanned in to your local postal service.

Note that if you are in the USA, this is US Postal Service, NOT UPS.  If you are in another country, you can track the shipment by going to the website of your national mail carrier.  This tracking number is not active at the destination side yet, and it will become active when the parcel is scanned in at the port of entry of your country (about 7-10 days).  During this transit time, checking the tracking information will return a message such as:

“Note: Tracking information is not available yet for this shipment. Please check back later to view updated information.”

The reason for this is that USPS (or your country’s national mail carrier) is not a global company (like UPS or FedEx for example).  These national carriers use the national carriers of other countries to pick up and deliver parcels located in those countries.  And though they pick up and deliver parcels for each other, their computer systems and tracking systems are generally not connected together.  The Thai Post Office is not connected to the USPS computer tracking system (like the Thai office of FedEx is, for example).  Therefore, the tracking number will become active only after it is scanned on the country of destination (USA for example).  Hope I am making myself clear.

The tracking number on the USA side (or your country) will be the same tracking number as on the Thai side.  Theoretically speaking, the way that this is supposed to work is that the existing barcode on the package (the Thai tracking number) is scanned upon entry to the USA (or your country).  This becomes the NEW tracking number for the USA side (or your country).  And unfortunately this is the part of the process that causes us the most grief, as perhaps 20% of parcels do not get scanned into USA system correctly.  You can see many of the customer comments that they were not able to track their shipments on USA side, but they still received their shipments.  So please try to keep cool and not get agitated if you cannot track your parcel on the USA side, this happens frequently and not much we can do about it except wait.

After the package is scanned at the port of entry, you will begin to see tracking results on the USA side (or your country).  If there is any question or problem, we have a photo of your shipment after affix postage and Registered Letter Barcode at the sending Post Office.  If you contact your post office and try to get information about your parcel, they will tell you that the request for investigation must come from us.  Yeah right. We have tried to initiate an investigate from Thailand, and we fill out this long form and then told to wait 2-3 months for an answer.  And maybe no answer even after 2-3 months.  Yeah right.  Investigations from this side is not a viable option, it doesn’t work.  That is why the only 2 options are re-send or refund.

If you are in a country other than the USA, you need to find the tracking website for your national mail carrier.  Please send us this website info and we will update this website for everyone’s benefit.

FOR CUSTOMERS IN THE UK AND AUSTRALIA:  Please note that Registered Letters are NOT trackable in your countries.  Quite unbelievable in this day and age that I can track a Registered Letter in Cambodia, but I can’t track it in the UK or Australia.  Your packages can be only be tracked as they  leave Thailand on Thai tracking site. The first master list of all countries in the links below show a very good table of which countries can be tracked and which cannot.

 If you live in the USA, the United State Post Office tracking site offers a neat feature where they will automatically send you an email whenever there is any update on your tracking number status. This option only becomes available after there has been a first update to the tracking status. In other words, this option is not available while the tracking result is “No information available”. We highly recommend that you use this feature. We have seen several cases where the USPS says that they made a delivery attempt and notice was left, but our customers say they received no notice. Then many days go by and the customer does not realize that the parcel is waiting for pickup at the Post Office. After 30 days, the parcel will be declared “Unclaimed” and it will be returned to us or discarded.

If you use the automatic email notification, when your status is updated, you will receive an email message, and this problem can be easily avoided. So when you receive your tracking number from us, track your parcel the first time and sign up for email notifications. See a screen shot HERE of the button you need to click to sign up for email notifications on USPS tracking website.

Enter your email address and be sure to click “Both” to get email alerts for both previous activity and future activity.

Register Letter Tracking Websites by Country:

43 Responses to “Shipments Discussions.”

  1. Paul Smith says:

    is it normal for a package to be stuck at:
    with status
    “Processed Through Sort Facility”

    for a week now? Why is it taking so long for them to “process” it?

  2. Tammy says:


    I am now living in Argentina and hypothyroid I am thinking of ordering from your site do you know if I will be able to import your product for personal use?

    Thank you

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Peter :)

    Got my order today in Ireland, only 10 days after I ordered. I am so looking forward to starting Thyroid-S tomorrow as I am living a half-life on Eltroxin only.

    Thank you,


  4. RyC says:

    I am currently living in South Korea and have been having trouble with my thyroid treatment here so I was planning on ordering from your site. Are you aware if shipments from your company will be allowed through customs in Korea? I have ordered many things, including vitamins and supplements from Amazon before and have had no trouble, but I know Korea has very strict drug laws. So I was wondering if you are aware if your product is able to be shipped to South Korea.
    Thanks, Ry

    • Kim says:

      Hello Ry

      I am too am living in S. Korea and as you posted this in September 2012, did you have any issues obtaining the Thyroid Medication?



  5. Issy Smith says:


    I was wondering if I need to order your product on Amazon (US-based) or would you be able to invoice me and pay via Paypal? I live in UK.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Bevin says:


    Both my sister and I ordered Thyroid-S and received an envelope containing a letter from customs that it has been confiscated.  This was my third order and I had no problems before. Is there any recourse, as I am currently dependent on it for treatment? Not to mention that we are out the money.

    Thank You,

  7. I have yet to receive my order. Today is July 26th 2012. I ordered a 30 day supply of Thyroid S on June 16th 2012, Received my confirmation of order June 18th 2012, and received my tracking number June 19th 2012. I was able to track the package out of Thailand however once it left Thailand on June 20th I have been unable to track it. I have only heard good things about this company and this bad experience seems to be changing my mind about it. Please get back with me.

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Elizabeth ; OK well there is a lot of information about this at Please read it and also this is only 6 days after export, not sure where you are located but 6 days is quite short time. Please allow a little more time, and please remember to come back and update us when you get it! – Peter G.

  8. Mick Clark says:

    Forgot to add, thanks for the great service on my orders place so far


  9. Mick Clark says:

    Hi Peter

    My daughter ordered me 250 thyroid-s, received 2 x75 this morning invoice says 1/2 so I assume that the balance is to follow, my question is, is it normal to send an order for 250 in 2 separate packages. I only ask because I’ve ordered 1000 and if they come in several packages then it might cause problems with customs owing to the fact were only allowed to import 3 months supply in the UK for personal use.

    Kind Regards


    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Mick ; The 1,000 tablet bottles are shipped in a box, all the other small packs are shipped in envelopes. The 250 is shipped in 2 envelopes. The confirmation message we send to all customers has PHOTOS and tracking numbers, it appears that you have not seen it based on your questions, please check for it in your Amazon inbox. You will see TWO photos of your two envelopes. Please check for it so you can be comfortable with our service. I think it should be no problem based on our experience. Thanks for the kind words. – Peter G.

  10. chele says:

    Wow. I must say this whole process from ordering thru to delivery has been the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. The communication/customer service is second to none. My order took just about a week (to USA) and I have high hopes for Thyroid-S working as well as my current NDT. You will have me as a long-term customer. Many thanks to Peter G and his staff!

  11. I left a comment ? a little while ago I would like to know why it was removed and I got no reply from you

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Richard, thanks for your message, your comment was not removed, but all comments are moderated due to the high level of spam our site receives. If you refresh your page after posting, your comment will appear to disappear, but that is only because it has not been approved yet, it will re-appear when we approve it (24-48 hours). Peter G.

  12. Hi, I received my order today of natural thyroid.. I ordered 1 120 bottle of 1grain .. order ID # 102-0250750-5844240 when it came it had been opened and resealed by US customs.. in the brown envelope were two silver packs name of pharmacy on them ( Sriprasit Pharm Co. Ltd )
    one pack had been cut open and 69 tabs were in the brown envelope loose.. the other silver pack had not been open .. there was no identifying marks of any kind on the tabs… my concern is they were not in a sealed bottle like shown on and the manufacturer’s name was not on the pack.. it did not look like what i ORDERED on amazon .. I am afraid to take them.. I paid an extra $ 40.00 for shipping Got them when I should have But now I can’t take them.. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP……..

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Richard, your order was shipped by Express, and these orders appear to get routed thru Customs due to perceived higher value. In this case, unfortunately, they clearly made a mess of your order during their inspection, and this is quite unacceptable. Please file a complaint with your local post office. Yours was not the first complaint about Express Mail Service. It was expensive, the delivery times were too long due to shipment from Thailand, it was causing a bad user experience, and it is something we cannot control. Therefore we have decided to cancel the option for Express shipping. For your other comments about the packaging, we understand we have now resolved this to your satisfaction under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Peter G.

  13. Jana (Germany) says:

    Hi Peter, today I received my order – it took 20 days. :) Tracking the package via “Deutsche Post” is not possible. The package got a new – GERMAN – tracking number, so the Thai was not found when I tried to track. I received the letter as registered mail therefor “Deutsche Post” maybe will inform you that I really got it.

  14. TomCA.USA says:

    Faster this time – Made a 2nd order of 1000 Thyroid-S 5-15-12. (tried both earlier). Thailand showed all in order. Again USPS did no scan until the day I received it even though it passed through a major postal hub. Received it 5-26-12….quicker @ 10 days to USA(3 days faster than last order)?!?. I’ll still expect the 2 week time as a general “rule”. Thank you Peter G – as long as your there I’m your customer & referring others.

  15. Tom CA.USA says:

    Hurrah! & patience – Today 5/8 Tuesday 3 of 4 orders arrived (all ordered 4/27) taking 13 days. I’ll update when #4 is show/noshow. NOTE- the USPS site NEVER showed tracking UNTIL it was scanned at my local Post Office TODAY 5/8 the very day it was delivered!!!! Package #4 tracking @ USPS site still shows nothing. All 4 showed ship out @ Thailand so does USPS Local here get it on tomorrows inbound? Wait & see. To any pondering “he ordered 4?” – yes, so desperate to lock onto some I missed the bulk size; ordered for 3 people & extra; who knows what’s next w/the gov’t [product expiry date aug&sept 2014 so that's great]. Hope this helps others on “how it works” for U.S. shipments. Good to go & will order again w/ confidence, patience & trust.

    • Tom CA.USA says:

      5/9/12 – Package #4 arrived today & order complete. I asked the postman about it – he told me the USPS process was _ 1. plane unloaded,customs etc _ 2.trucked to big USPS distribution hub[NOT scanned] _ 3.trucked to local post office _ 4.local post office SCANS & delivers the SAME day. So the order was scanned in Thailand, then nothing until USPS scans the order THE day it’s delivered by a local postman. This last #4 package was a “handling error” at the USPS hub. Catching it in one day was quick “correction” on their part.

  16. zdenek says:

    Hi I ordered Thyroid- s april 2nd and it was shipped the next day When I input the tracking number on Canada post website this is what is says item arrived in Canada 10 th april and will be reviewed by customs. I don’t know if this is normal today is 4 th may

  17. Ty Green says:

    Its Monday,4/29 just received today,thank you!(I should have waited til over the weekend) The usps site linked here,never tracked it,just in case anyone reads this and is concerned,thanks again it was pretty quick considering the distance. I was just concerned that i couldnt track on this end,not your fault. :)

  18. Ty Green says:

    Hi, Im still unable to track in us her i have you showing it shipped out the 13th (4-13) I still cant track here,its sat. 4-28…please let me know how to track,its saying auto msg. on usps not track able on that website like someone else mentioned and then received shortly after. Is the link provided for US the right one? Thank you for checking!

  19. Sandy says:

    Hi, I ordered Thyroid-S April 1st and it was shipped the next day. When I input the tracking number on the USPS website (I’m from the US) this is what it says: “Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site. A return receipt after mailing may be available through your local Post Office.”

    What does this mean? It’s been two weeks and there should be some sort of tracking already I would think. Thanks.

    • Sandy says:

      I got the shipment today! I was worried only because the tracking didn’t work for me. Thank you for those 15 extra ones in each package!

  20. Shawn Price says:

    thank you for the quick shipment! I recieved only one package out of two. I cannot find the second package, could you please help? Thanks

  21. Thank you. Today, 10th April, I received my complete order which I ordered on 3rd April.

  22. Jeff L. Head says:

    Hi Peter try to order more something wrong with ordering!

  23. Jeff L. Head says:

    Hi Peter I got my order. Thanks so much ! Jeff

  24. Jeff L. Head says:

    Hi Peter Thanks so much for checking on my order I will be happy when it gets here.I hate SYNTHROID!! Thanks Jeff

  25. Good Morning,

    I have not received my order. I received your messageon on 13th March 2012 saying that my order had been dispatched. I have tried to track it today with UPS but have been unsuccessful.

    I would appreciate your advice.

    I have still not received it and

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi there, thanks for your message. Well two things, first is this is still a recent order so please allow some more time, and second, your email address is in the UK, and if you are in the UK, then tracking by USPS won’t work. Please have another look at the instructions above, you need to track first on the Thai tracking site, and then on ParcelForce. Let me know if you need more help.

      • I have already posted on hotmail to apologise that my meds were delivered last week (I was on holiday) and have only been handed to me this morning.

        Thank you once again for your prompt service.

  26. Jeff L. Head says:

    I order my thiroyd 2/26/12 and I still have not got it. It is under my wifes name Dayna Head. Do you thank I should have it by now. Thanks so much Jeff L. Head

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Jeff, I tracked this on the Thai side and there has been an unusual and unexplained delay of about a week before export and after we shipped it. You should be getting it any day now. Peter G.

  27. Rob says:

    Hi Peter,
    I put in my tracking number for Thailand and if I understand correctly it has left Thailand on the 11th. When it gets to the US do I enter the same tracking number for the USPS?
    Thank you, Rob

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for your message, and yes it will be the same tracking number, but you need to use the USPS tracking website as shown above. Peter G.

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