What Is The Difference Between Thyroid-S and Thiroyd?

Several customers ask us what is the difference between these two products, so we made this page which we hope makes it more clear what you are buying. Well for starters, these are two different products manufactured by two different companies. Thyroid-S is manufactured by Sriprasit Pharma. Thiroyd is manufactured by Greater Pharma. There are several major differences between Thyroid-S and Thiroyd which affect the price/performance/storage of these tablets. We sell both Thyroid-S and Thiroyd, and they are both excellent products. However, Thyroid-S is a little more expensive, and there are some storage and performance differences, and we try to explain these differences below.

Filler Differences: Thyroid-S uses a filler which binds the active hormones more strongly than Thiroyd. We know this because we used a lab to measure the concentrations of hormones in both types of tablets. The results showed that Thyroid-S needed an extra step of solvent extraction to release all the hormones for correct measurement. We believe this will result in more stable tablet storage and a slower release of hormones after swallowing. Thiroyd dissolves easily and well, Thyroid-S is chaukier and is more difficult to dissolve.  Click HERE to see our post detailing the extra step needed to release the active ingredients of Thyroid-S (fascinating stuff).

Tablet Color: Thyroid-S tablet is a light brown color and shiny, Thiryod tablet is white and matte finish.  Both tablets are white or off-white inside.

Tablet Coating: Thyroid-S is a coated tablet, and Thiroyd is uncoated.

Tablet Anti-Counterfeiting: The coating on Thyroid-S tablets is thin and distinctive and not easily duplicated by counterfeiters.  Thiryod tablets are white and with no distinctive features and are more easily counterfeited.

Packaging: (Please Note: This discussion on packaging is referring to the full bottle 1,000 tablets packaging.  The small packs, ie. 30-250 tablets, are packed in sealed, re-closeable, moisture barrier bags as described in the product listings. The bottle packaging is not available in tablet sizes less than 1,000 tablets.)  Thyroid-S is packaged in a brown glass bottle with metal cap, and with moisture absorber inside, and cotton to fill the extra space in the bottle. The glass bottle is inside a cardboard box with shrink wrap which functions as the security seal. Thiroyd is packaged in a white plastic bottle, and the tablets are sealed inside a plastic bag with moisture absorber inside.

Factors affecting cost: The glass bottle and metal cap of Thyroid-S packaging is more expensive to produce. Because the glass bottle is substantially heavier, it is more expensive to ship also. Shipping costs are approximately US$3 more for Thyroid-S than Thyroid. The Thyroid-S tablets are coated, which is a more expensive process than uncoated tablets.

Factors affecting storage: The thyroglobulin in Natural Desiccate Thyroid is quite stable for long periods if stored correctly. Thyroid-S is packaged in a dark glass bottle, which protects the tablets from moisture, oxygen, and light. Thiroyd is packaged in a white plastic bottle, which does not block moisture, oxygen, and light as well.  Thyroid-S is a coated tablet, which protects the active hormones better from moisture and oxygen than an un-coated tablet like ThiroydThyroid-S fillers bind the active hormones more strongly than Thiroyd. We believe that due to these factors mentioned above, Thyroid-S will store better for longer periods than Thiroyd.

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24 Responses to “What Is The Difference Between Thyroid-S and Thiroyd?”

  1. sandy says:

    I take 60mg tablets but my tempture still is low and have weak spells should I take a higher dose

  2. margaret Garde says:

    Hi Peter

    I have high blood pressure (particularly diastolic 160.101 in the morning, and often goes down to 145/80 after I have eaten) I also have a 4cm benign colloidal csyt on my thyroid gland. Unforunately my blood tests show TSH to be ‘with in the normal range’ (1.7, and 1.9) so no doctor I have been to (about 10 now) have felt the high BP is related to the thyroid nodule.. I started using bio identical progesterone in oct last year and it helped a bit…but I understand I should be treating the thyroid gland to get my BP to normalise. I only want to use natural (not synthetic) thyroid. Could you suggest what I should try.? I am an otherwise fit, active 66 yr old female…I have thought about getting thyroid glands in chicken and fish and making soups, casseroles etc with the actual gland of these creatures…if I can find any. But in the meantime I want to get the BP down and would be happy to take something, if you can suggest it. I want the enlarged gland to shrink also…Thank you Margaret

  3. Jae says:

    I am a return customer, happily ordering thyroid-S. You can have full faith in this vendor and in the product, both work nicely.

  4. Imelda says:

    So glad to find a site that I can read about Thyroid-S, as I was contemplating whether to try it or not. I am a naturopath and a holistic blood chemistry analyst. My website is milk and honey nutrition dot com and I can detect the weak links in the body using this blood analysis. For example, my own analysis shows that my highest out of balance glands are: anterior pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal cortex, and liver, in that order. I now have a reason for being cold and the very slow metabolism that I have experienced for 30 plus years, while MDs refused to diagnose and treat me for low thyroid, as I was always within their range. In holistic blood analysis, we don’t use the ranges, but we set target numbers to work toward in achieving balance. So for me, I know now that I must work to build my pituitary function and hypothala
    mus, while supporting my thyroid and adrenals, and and helping my liver function. If I can help anyone here, please visit my site to read more about my blood analysis service.

  5. Harleigh says:

    THYROID vs THYROID-S This is the second time I have ordered from this vendor. The first time it was a great price and a great product (THYROID-S). This time it appears I have recieved (THYROID) the same product from a different manufacturer. The first time it was thyroid hormone manufacturered by Sriprasit and was an orange coated pill. This new product is white and manufactured by Greater ( I’m finding out now I accidentally ordered) by contrast does nothing for me. I am having to take three to four times the amount and it is still not working properly. I am very disappointed and am slowly returning to my hypothyroid state :( I was not even aware they sold two types but I can assure you, the THYROID is going in the trash.

    • Peter G. says:

      I allow this comment because we are being truthful and hiding nothing. Some customers have exactly the OPPOSITE experience, ie. Thiroyd has provides better results than Thyroid-S. Most people just stick to what provides the best results for them. We make this product available for research use only. Peter G.

      • Fran A. says:

        Thanks for your honesty Peter.
        I take Thyroid-S that works great on me and just ordered Thiroyd to compare. Will let you know how it works for me.
        I guess the fillers are what people react to.

      • Suzy says:

        Apparently, some do better on one and not the other, and vise versa. I personally have had the opposite experience – MUCH better results with Thiroid than Thyroid-S. I’ve tried both, and the difference is astounding.

        And I am curious… aren’t they both made from the same company? Just wondering.

    • Simonne says:

      If you don’t want it I will take it..seriously. Thyroid-s had some weird fillers that gave me horrible migraines. Thiroyd changed my life though. Send all your unwanted pills here.

  6. Mellissa B. says:

    I have ordered both types to try: Thiroyd and Thyroid-S. This is all new to me since I have just now started dealing with my hypothyroidism. I have been dealing with early symptoms via diet and vitamin supplements for years…but this is just no longer working for me at all. I remember my Grandmother on my Moms side having her thyroid removed in her mid to early 40′s because of a goiter. I am so desperate to not feel nauseous, tired, itchy, etc any more!

    *Will let everyone know how things are going in about a month…as I realize treatment can take weeks sometimes to relieve symptoms.


  7. ALEXANDRE N says:

    I’ve just received my shipment with Thyroid-S
    The first shippment …
    I’d like to question why it’s written in the pack that it’s just for “research only” ?
    I’m insecure to use it because of this message on the pack.

    Another question : What is the best way to take it : Chewing up or swallowing ?

    Tks and best Rgds.

    Alexandre N.

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Alexandren ;

      Thanks for your message. We make this product available for research use only and in full compliance with every known law from every country, not an easy feat. For other uses, respectfully may we suggest to order from another supplier and provide your valid doctor’s prescription in compliance with the laws of the United States. We don’t make the laws, but we do need to in good conscience follow them in spirit and letter if we expect to stay in business, right? We want to help, but may we humbly suggest that you should not be ordering this product if you do not know how it is used. Please signup for the Yahoo group using the signup box over in the right column. We have no affiliation with this or any other group.

      Best Regards,
      Peter G.

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Alexandren, thanks for your comment and please read our “FAQ” tab at the top border of our site thanks! Peter G.

  8. Karen says:

    I have received my second shipment of Throid-S! I ordered the 1000 tablet amount this time because it has been working so good for me. Finally after 12 years I am feeling like myself! The shipment arrived in a brown glass bottle. I was just wondering what would be the best way to store these? Should I keep them in the refrigerator or freezer? Or is room temperature okay?
    Thank you so much!

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Karen ;

      Thanks for your comment. A knowledgeable friend has told me that a bottle stored un-opened in the freezer should last 10 years. Considering that the manufacturer states 3 years at room temperature, the 10 year figure in the freezer is quite believable.

      Peter G.

  9. Bruce says:

    I’d like to repeat Catherines question: Why is there aluminium in Thyroid-S and how can it potentially affect my health in the long run? This sounds like it will solve one problem and give me ten more…

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for the questions. I don’t know why the manufacturer has decided they need to color their tablets. The light brown coating of Thyroid-S does add a distinctive feature which is not easily duplicated, and perhaps functions as an identification or anti-counterfeit feature. Sorry we are not doctors and we cannot appear to be giving medical advice of any kind. The amount of aluminum in Thyroid-S is about the same as in a glass of drinking water, and thousands of times lower than commonly prescribed antacids. The food colorings used in Thyroid-S are also the same colorings used in Synthroid®. Synthroid® is used by far more people than Thyroid-S (millions more), and I don’t hear anyone asking about aluminum in Synthroid®. Lots of aluminum shown as Synthroid® ingredients at these links:


      We did our own analysis for aluminum and the fascinating results are posted here for your viewing:


      Synthroid® is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories, Inc.

      Best Regards,
      Peter G.

  10. Catherine says:

    I’ve been considering ordering Thyriod-S as neither Armour nor Erfa seem to be working very well for me. But I have some doubts:

    - first, in relation to additives. There are quite a few additives in Thyroid-S, the most worrisome to me is aluminium. Why is there aluminium in Thyroid-S and how can it potentially affect my health in the long run?

    - also, it may be legal to import Thyroid-S into the US. But what about European countries? Will there likely be problems with customs clearance?

    - what quality controls are your products subject to?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Peter G. says:

      Hi Catherine ;

      Thanks for your questions. We are not the manufacturers, we are an independent export agent. We are required to comply with all existing FDA regulations, and therefore we can make no health claims or any other claims about our products. This is clearly not the ideal situation, but we must follow in spirit and letter all regulations, and thanks for understanding the legal constraints under which we operate. Any comments or suggestions should be directed back to the responsible government agencies. Our shipments include a declaration which we believe complies with every regulation from every country. However, that does not stop an over-zealous Customs officer from doing as they wish, and with no recourse. But we can take all the risk and refund your full purchase price if that happens. Please see our “FAQ” page and our terms of sale and legal disclaimer for more info.

      A laboratory test report of active ingredients is available if you contact me privately.

      Best Regards,
      Peter G.

  11. susan nichols says:

    there is no Big Orange Button to click on mine

    • Peter G. says:

      Please click on the blue “NewsMax” link immediately below the first video if you want to see and click the big orange button.

  12. Peter G. says:

    Hi Anna ;
    It sounds like you ordered from another supplier. If the pills are light brown color and shiny, they are probably Thyroid-S which has been repackaged into a plastic container, in particular if you have ordered less than the full bottle quantity of 1,000 tablets.

  13. Marc B. says:

    Anna, have you tried CHEWING your Armour, and washing it down with some water? Since it was reformulated in 2009, with the addition of more cellulose, it seems to be necessary to chew it up to release the thyroid. It works very well, if you do this….It doesn’t taste too bad.
    A little like a musty old dog biscuit :)

  14. Peter G. says:

    Anna’s comment has been accidently swallowed by our spam filter, sorry about that! – Peter G.

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